Walk With Us

Move. Breathe. Grow closer to your Savior. Walks With Jesus is revolutionizing the way that women spend time with the Lord by combining devotionals with walks. We believe that Jesus cares about our souls, minds, and bodies, and there’s nothing He wants more than to walk with us through life. Our devotional walks are an incredibly powerful way to put aside time for your relationship with Jesus and build actual muscle memory around experiencing each day with Him.

We are loved by a God who cares deeply about every aspect of our lives, even the parts we feel are boring, routine, or inconsequential. Walks With Jesus gives you a chance to tap into the abundant Source that is always there for you, whether you’re having the best day or the worst day. Most importantly, we pull the abstract idea of “walking with the Lord” into the physical world and help you build deliberate, healthy habits around it. This is your chance to move toward the whole, strong woman of Christ you are meant to be!

Walks With Jesus was created by Dr. Myla Bennet, a Wife, Mother, and Business Owner who understands the challenges of wearing multiple hats and pursuing authenticity in a relationship with Christ. She learned through experience that making Jesus the start of her day and the center of her life empowered her to serve on a whole new level. Join the MOVEment and walk with Jesus to experience the power of Christ in your own daily life!

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