The Power of Fasting

The act of fasting is done to intentionally deny the flesh in order to connect in a deeper way to the Holy Spirit. This is the key to unlocking the impossible and tapping into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Fasting equips us to resist and rise above impulses of the flesh and achieve purity and alignment with the God. In Matthew 17:21 NKJV Jesus said, "However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." Some things can only be handled with prayer and fasting. Fasting is an act that should be kept between you and God. It should be kept secret to the best of your ability (Matthew 6:16-18). In the case of a corporate fast the others involved in the fast will know but do your best not to share it with others. This is a time to connect with God, rather than boast to others about your spirituality. God will reward you openly for the things you do to grow closer to him in secret (Matthew 6:6).


1. To strengthen your prayer life

2. To seek God's instruction

3. To seek deliverance or protection from enemies or unfavorable circumstances

4. To become closer with God and the Holy Spirit

5. To repent and return to God

6. To intercede on others behalf

7. To show your love and worship for God


Biblically, fasting consists of refraining from certain foods or even all foods for a period of time. When Queen Esther needed supernatural strategy she and her maids, as well as all the Jews of Susa, fasted for 3 days from food and drink (Esther 4:15-16). Scripturally, fasting requires refraining from food, although you may choose to fast from things like social media or certain activities in addition. Biblical fasting, however, requires some sort of abstinence from food.

The period of fasting can vary. Typically, 1 day, 3 days 7 days and 21 days are common options. Additionally, fasting can be done until a certain hour of the day for a select number of days. The important thing is to commit to a set of guidelines and stick to it. My first fast was only water until 3pm everyday, and this lasted for 40 days.

The Daniel Fast: Daniel fasted from certain types of food, meat and wine for a period of 21 days (Daniel 10:3, 12). So a modern day Daniel Fast would consist of only eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Drinking only water and natural fruit juice, and also avoiding sweeteners, breads, meat eggs and dairy.

Abstaining from food: Abstaining from solid food is a common way to fast. Moses, Elijah and Jesus all did 40 day fasts from food and water. A modified version of such a fast would be to simply refrain from solid food. Drinking liquid and refraining from food that you can chew is another avenue to deny your flesh without the risk of total abstinence from food and water. Be careful to consult with your doctor about your personal medical history before embarking on a fast devoid of food. It is not God's wish for you to be hurt by doing a fast that is not appropriate for your condition. In these instances, there is something that we all can sacrifice from a dietary standpoint in order to get closer to our Heavenly Father.

It is important that prior to fasting you pray and repent of your sins so you enter into the fast in the most pure way possible. Also, during the times that you would normally be eating or preparing food, you should be spending that time in prayer, worship and biblical study. Use this time to get to know God better and connect with the Holy Spirit.

For His Glory,

Dr. Myla